The Scholar's Course

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These children work through the Scholar’s Workbooks, follow the Internet Classes and do the Daily Maths Sheet. Many from the Salisbury area will join me for Holiday Classes, Christmas Workshops and Mock Exams. Those children who follow this course are often on my waiting list for weekly classes but when they are offered a place generally elect to continue on the Scholar’s Course. The evidence from 11+ results from the last two years is that this is a successful route. I am currently working on a series of Internet Classes that will accompany the Scholar's Workbooks that will help to lessen the time that parents will have to spend going over homework, though there is no substitute for walking the walk with them. Many families choose to use the Scholar’s Workbooks in conjunction with the termly classes.

The Scholar's Workbooks

Click here to order the Scholar's Workbooks

Price £10 for 3 books, free UK delivery via Royal Mail when you order more than one set of books.

There is a postage charge of £1.30 for orders of single sets.

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Each book contains five Maths worksheets, five English worksheets and five Verbal Reasoning worksheets, as well as a fifty-minute practice exam paper and an editorial with useful advice to help you with your preparation for the 11+.

In format, they are similar to the folders which Sarah’s weekly pupils have access to, however The Scholar's Workbook is A5 sized, and are designed to be written all over.

A total of 58 mixed-subject books are available to buy - if you have completed 50 workbooks (the average for Sarah's weekly pupils is about 90), and watched Sarah's videos, and still fail the 11+, the chances are that you need an academically more gentle environment than the Grammar School.