Maths Lessons

11 times table - sneaky tricks
12 times table - sneaky tricks
2 figure coordinates
3 times table - sneaky tricks
Adding in your head - techniques and reasons why
Adding up lots of figures
Algebra - what, why and how
Algebra and Timelines
Angles - acute angles, an aide memoire
Angles - obtuse angles, an aide memoire
Angles - reflex, an aide memoire
Angles on a straight line
Area of rectangles and shapes made of several rectangles
Circles and parts of a circle
Columns and Rows - remembering which is which
Combining adding and multiplying in a problem
Dividing length into fractions
Dividing money
Equations - fundamental principles
Estimating volume
Even numbers times tables - sneaky tricks
Find a fraction of a large number & proportion left over
Grids and missing numbers
Internal and external angles
Lines of reflective symmetry
Long division - 5 free lessons!
Long multiplication
Mean average
Measuring time
Median average
Mode average
Money and change
Multiplying decimals
Nonagons and decagons
Number flow charts, reverse operations
Parallel lines
Perimeter - with algebraic answers
Perpendicular lines
Properties of a parallelogram
Properties of a quadrilateral
Properties of a rectangle
Properties of a rhombus
Properties of a right-angled triangle
Properties of a scalene triangle
Properties of a square
Properties of a trapezium
Properties of all triangles
Properties of an equilateral triangle
Properties of an isosceles triangle
Reading carefully and understanding exactly what is meant
Reading Simple Bar Charts
Reflex angles
Right angles
Rotational symmetry
Rounding decimals
Scales - everyday use
Significant figures
Simple spreadsheets
Square numbers and square roots
The value of digits in a number
Times Tables - introduction
Times Tables - is a number divisible by 3?
Times Tables - is a number divisible by 6?
Times Tables - is a number divisible by 8?
Times Tables - is a number divisible by 9?
Times Tables - Learning and running 1
Times Tables - Learning and running 2 - game
Times Tables - Learning with actions
Times Tables - learning with tunes
Times Tables - the magic one
Times Tables - what you need to know and some short cuts
Understanding words - e.g. product & sum
Vertical & horizontal