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Holiday Workshops 2021


Holiday Workshop Timetable

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Telephone 01722 327525

Anyone is welcome to come to these workshops, whether or not they come to the weekly lessons.

Government Covid-19 regulations apply. The children are seated 2m apart, and I have to keep the doors and windows open, so please bring a coat and in winter, blankets, sleeping bag, hats etc. They will also need drinks and snacks and their own pencils.


Why do Holiday Workshops?


The difference between working during the holidays and not:


There are two approaches to the holidays: you can keep working or you can take a break. For every week you take off from 11+ work, it takes a week to get back to the same point. So, 7 weeks taken off for the Summer amounts to 14 weeks of stagnation. Keeping up your momentum has a huge cumulative effect by the time of the exam and trust me - it shows in the results. The children who pass the 11+ aren’t the cleverest, the nicest or those who have been to the most expensive schools, the children who pass the 11+ are those who are most prepared.