Sarah's 11+ goodies

  • The Scholar's Workbooks
  • Punctuation Pixie, Poster & Maths Book

A weekly workbook, covering Maths, English and Verbal Reasoning. There are 3 pieces of work for each day Monday to Friday and a test paper for Saturday (Sunday is a day of rest).

The Scholar's Workbook is sold in sets of three, so there is a Maths, English and VR paper in each set.

These supplement the Internet Classes, and being small and disposable are also ideal to take on holiday.

Price £10 for three workbooks, free UK delivery when you order more than one set of books. P & P £1.30 for orders of single sets.

Click here for more information or to buy Workbooks

Also available Comprehension, Core Skills, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Vocabulary books.

There are now two sets of English Worksheets available.

punctuation pixie Punctuation Pixie bookmark £1

An aide-memoire to get every mark out of the punctuation section of the exam. Comes with access to an internet lesson in how to use it.

Click here for a video on how to use the Puctuation Pixie


maths book

A 24-page booklet listing all you need to know for the maths exam, with examples. £3.50

These can be bought separately, or together, directly from me, payable by cash or cheque. The poster can then be rolled.
We can post all three to you in the UK for £10 by clicking the PayPal button below. The poster will be folded in four.