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11+ Mock Exams in Salisbury - Virtual Mock Exams


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Virtual Mock Exams

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We have two Virtual Mock Exams that can be conducted at home. You can do them in any order.

How does it work?

  • You buy a virtual ticket
  • We email you and you download and print the papers and “how to” guide.
  • During the exam which will last up to 4¼ hours, you play the video we will send you to give instructions and time checks throughout the morning.
  • If you are able to stay around and to make observations, that would be really helpful.
  • You then return the question and answer papers to us.
  • We will process them and send you back your results. Those who have bought Full Reports will then receive links to videos that cover all the exam questions and highlight those you definitely need.
  • We will keep the videos available to you until after the 11+.


The format of our Virtual Mock Exams is the same as our standard mock exams as done at the hall, although the papers are different.


Our standard exam is:

A Maths paper - 50 minutes

An English paper - 45 minutes

A Verbal Reasoning Paper 50 minutes

Non Verbal Reasoning in CEM-style short timed sections



Like the Mock Exams we do at the hall, a Basic Report will give you your scores, some general information, and if your answers are returned in time to go in them, bar charts for each subject, so you can compare your results with everyone else's.

In addition, a Full Report looks closely at each child's work to see what needs correcting and then gives you advice on how best to achieve this.

Every question in the Virtual Mock Exam papers has a corresponding video explaining how to answer it. The full report gives access to these, with a list for each child of which ones they particularly need to look at.

This is sent out by email as a .pdf file you can view on your computer or phone, or print if you wish.

For more details follow this link:

Reports in detail