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Mock Exam B 2022

Bar charts for 19th, 26th March & 2nd April

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Here are the bar charts for the second mock exam.

As you can see, some of the children are doing very well. Others have found things that need at bit of attention, but we have time to fix problems. Some things, like long division of money, take months to consistently get correct. That is OK: we still have months before the real 11+.

This mock lets us know what needs working on over the Easter holidays and over the summer term. The summer brings advantages of longer days and warmer weather, more sports and less academic work at school, all of which help with the 11+ preparation.

We can now move on from 11+, hot chocolate and crumpets to 11+, mocktails and little cucumber sandwiches: what is not to love?

overall graph

maths graph

english graph

verbal reasoning graph

nvr graph


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