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Sarah Beswick 11+ Tuition & Mock Exams

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11+ Video Classes 17 to 24

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When Lockdown started we produced video classes to replace the normal "live" classes. Surprisingly, we are covering ground much more quickly than we normally would. Moreover, we can see that most of the children are watching the classes more than once and so, to embrace this scholarly enthusiasm, we will keep them available until after they have done the 11+.

As time marches on, other children have wanted to join the classes to bolster their home schooling so we are making the back editions available and as new classes appear they will be added to the library.


Pay by PayPal. I will send you an email (to the email address you have registered with PayPal) with the worksheet and the link to the video. We aim to have them out within 24 hours.

Maths, problem based questions, English/ Verbal with worksheet


Maths: Problem based questions

Fraction of a number
Fraction and % of a changing volume
Horizontal symmetry
Picnic costs
Two travelling trains
What comes next

English/ Verbal

Missing word
Four words, three codes
Most opposite
Put in order
Compound words

1 hour 4 minutes

Maths, English and Verbal with worksheet


Number in the middle is made from the numbers on either side.
Multiplying fractions
Mean average
Multiplying money and decimals
Time problem x2
Adding and subtracting decimals
Length and cost

English and Verbal

Worded logic question
Alphabet code
Types of written material

1 hour 2 minutes