Joshua's Tricky Questions

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1. How many Km is 2cm on a 1:250,000 map? video


2. A map of Australia is drawn to a scale of 1:750,000. What is the real distance along the ground represented by 2cm on the map? video


3. Y = ¼ of x. What is another way of saying this? video


4. What is the expression for the nth term in this series?                  2   5   8   11   14 video


5. Deirdre watches 4x hours of soaps a week and Richie watches 2x hours of soaps a week. If they watch 12 hours of soaps per week between them, what is the value of x? video


6. What fraction of 4m is 80cm? video


7. 3x + 2 = -2x + 12        What is the value of x? video


8. A die has the numbers 1-6 on it. When I roll it, what is the probability that I land on an even number? video


9. James has x marbles and divides them equally into y bags. How many marbles in each bag? video