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11+ Advent Course


Happy Advent. Join the Three Wise Men and their trusty companion camels, Kevin, Gary and Wayne on their journey.

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Day 1 worksheet

Day 1 Answer video


Day 2 worksheet

Day 2 Answer video


Day 3 Worksheet

Day 3 Answer video


Day 4 Worksheet

Day 4 Answer video

Day 4 Answer video part 2


Day 5 Worksheet

Day 5 Answer video


Day 6 Worksheet

Day 6 Answer video


Day 7 Worksheet

Day 7 Answer video


Day 8 Worksheet

Day 8 Answer video


Day 9 Worksheet

Day 9 Answer video

Day 9 Picture


Day 10 Worksheet

Day 10 Answer video

Day 10 Picture


Day 11 Worksheet

Day 11 Answer video


Day 12 Worksheet

Day 12 Answer video


Day 13 Worksheet

Day 13 Answer video

Day 13 Picture


Day 14 Worksheet

Day 14 Answer video

Day 14 Picture


Day 15 Worksheet

Day 15 Answer video


Day 16 Worksheet

Day 16 Answer video


Day 17 Worksheet

Day 17 Answer video

Day 17 Picture


Day 18 Worksheet

Day 18 Answer video

Day 18 Picture


Day 19 Worksheet

Day 19 Answer video


Day 20 Worksheet

Day 20 Answer video


Day 21 Worksheet

Day 21 Answer video


Day 22 Worksheet

Day 22 Answer video


Day 23 Worksheet

Day 23 Answer video


Day 24 Worksheet

Day 24 Answer video



Each page will be free to download as they become available. If you want, you can buy the whole lot, bound, with picture illustrations, for £5 from Rachel here at 37 Silverwood Drive, Laverstock SP1 1SH.

If you need it posting out, including UK delivery the price is £7.50 by clicking the PayPal button below:



The explanatory videos to go with the stories can all be found on Sarah's YouTube channel "Sarah Beswick" or by searching YouTube for "11+ Advent Course"... if you want to go on ahead.


Download and print the poster - click here





















Our 11+ Advent Calendar is a festive story leading us up to Christmas, with some 11+ work mixed in. The story follows the journey of the Three Wise Men and their camels, Gary, Kevin and Wayne.

There is a section of the story and a worksheet for every day between the first of December and Christmas Eve. To help you out, there is also an answer video explaining how to do the questions for each day. The worksheets cover Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

The videos on the website will be made available on a daily basis (Day one on the 1st of December, day two on the 2nd of December…). Once they are up, all the worksheets will be available online until 6th January.