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Sarah Beswick 11+ Tuition & Mock Exams

Telephone 01722 327525

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Booking-in for the 2022 11+ Exam

Those who have already booked - look out for an email from me at the end of this week. This will contain a link to your formal booking and payment for the classes starting on November 3rd/4th


South Wilts Grammar School for Girls has Maths, English and Verbal Reasoning in their exam. They use the GL (Granada Learning) exam board.
Bishop Wordsworth School for boys has Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal. Verbal is anything to do with words: a mixture of traditional English and Verbal Reasoning. They use the CEM (Centre for Educational Monitoring) exam board.

During term time I teach mixed classes of boys and girls Maths, English and Verbal Reasoning. During the holidays I have workshops on Non-Verbal reasoning amongst other subjects e.g. exam technique, comprehension

Weekly term classes
Holiday workshops
Shared plastic work folders or bought paper ones (some with video support)
A free daily maths sheet
Mock exams in a hall with detailed paper reports (about half an inch thick) and hours of videos to correct mistakes
Virtual mock exams with detailed emailed reports and hours of videos to correct mistakes
Pre-recorded classes, for Lockdowns, absences and remote learning
Literally hundreds of free videos
A handbook detailing all you need to know

Term time classes: £22 an hour, paid half-termly via PayPal button on our site
Mock Exams: £40 for a full report, £30 for a basic
Virtual Mock Exams £40 for a full report, £30 for a basic
Holiday Workshops: £50 for 4½ hours

Wednesdays: The Sea Scout Hut, St Marks Avenue, SP1 3DD
Class times 4:00, 5:15 and 6:30, all for an hour
Thursdays: Laverstock Village Hall, SP1 1RQ
Class times 4:45 and 6:00 both for an hour

Phone me on 01722 327525 for availability or advice.

1st July 2021

Booking in day. If you miss this, don’t worry, there are probably still places. We will ask for:
* Your name
* Your child’s name
* Your email
* Your telephone number

Up to July 4th

We will email to confirm your place on the list and ask you to fill in a form with your address etc.
If you don’t receive this, check your spam then phone us, the chances are that we have recorded your email wrongly

1st October

If you still want the place you have booked, you can then purchase the classes for the second half of the Autumn term. We don’t take any payment until October. We will email you with the payment details for the 1st half term commencing 3rd November (£154). Your place will be held for you until 15th October

15th October

Spaces made available to everybody

3rd November

The 11+ year starts. Hoorah!

You almost certainly will get a place, and people drop out, so places will become available.

1. The Daily Maths Sheet (click here for questions) and (click here for answers).
2. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel (hundreds of videos) (link to our youtube home page).
3. Listen to audiobooks together and discuss the possible outcomes (try the "Just William" series).
4. Read - anything. It doesn't have to be classic novels. The Guinness Book of Records, the back of cereal packets, Jeremy Clarkson will do just fine.
5. Try the free worksheets and download the first free Scholar's Book. (link and link to answer videos)
6. Practise following instructions e.g. cooking and craft activities.
7. Make things out of paper and card. Undo boxes for the cardboard recycling - 3D shapes constantly cause trouble.
8. Find our “What to do in year 4” button.

Everything could change at a moment’s notice. Yours will be the third year-group to study in the world affected by Covid and so many eventualities have already been faced and managed. Doubtless there will be new challenges and we will just have to deal with them as they arise. In the days before Covid we used to have classes in my dining room, I now have socially distanced classes in either the Scout Hut or Laverstock Village Hall with up to 15 children. I still have my much-loved whiteboard. We still use the same plastic folders, now quarantined. I now even have a microphone. But the jokes haven’t been replaced, just added to.
When lockdown happened, we either gave people refunds or sent them pre-recorded video classes. These worked surprisingly well: we covered double the work in the time (no interruptions) and the children could re-watch the classes as often as they liked. I hope to make a year’s worth of pre-recorded classes eventually.


About half the pupils on my books in any year don’t do weekly classes. They mix and match the different things we offer to suit their own needs. They might do The Scholar’s Course booklets and videos and come in for mock exams and holiday workshops. Anxious children like to do the pre-recorded classes and virtual mock exams before they venture into live classes. Younger children need Mrs Sock. Children for whom English is a second language tend to prefer the videos because they can re-listen to them.