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Sarah Beswick 11+ Tuition & Mock Exams

11+ Lockdown Classes

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When Lockdown started we produced video classes to replace the normal "live" classes. Surprisingly, we are covering ground much more quickly than we normally would. Moreover, we can see that most of the children are watching the classes more than once and so, to embrace this scholarly enthusiasm, we will keep them available until after they have done the 11+.

As time marches on, other children have wanted to join the classes to bolster their home schooling so we are making the back editions available and as new classes appear they will be added to the library.


Pay by PayPal. I will send you an email (to the email address you have registered with PayPal) with the worksheet and the link to the video. We aim to have them out within 24 hours.


Verbal Reasoning with Worksheet


Logic x2

Complete the sentence: Dog is to canine as cat is to feline

Black and board to make blackboard

Hidden four letter words

Missing three letter word: cameras

1 hour 7 minutes


Verbal Reasoning with Worksheet


Closest in meaning

Paired alphabet codes ab cd ef gh ??

Words made from words on either side

Number sequences

The code for dog is eph, what is the code for cat?

1 hour 16 minutes


English with Worksheet


Comprehension: Queen Victoria

1 hour 3 minutes


English with Worksheet


Comprehension: Queen Victoria, continued

Punctuation from Heidi

Spelling from Black Beauty

1 hour 4 minutes


English with Worksheet


Cloze Tests

Complete the sentence: Dog is to canine as cat is to feline

Jumbled sentences

Choose the correct word: different (to, from)

1 hour 3 minutes


Verbal Reasoning and English with Worksheet


Logic: cats and owners

Missing vowels: Mars facts

Matching two halves of sentences: Winston Churchill

Alphabet codes, next two in sequence

1 hour 4 minutes


Mixed (Maths, English, VR) with Worksheet


Division of money

Ratio, bread recipe

Algebra in shopping

Words made from words on either side

Passive and Active voice

Colours in crossword

Area: painting floors and cost of paint

1 hour 10 minutes


Mixed (Maths, English, VR) with Worksheet


Comprehension - Emphasis & italics

Nouns - Abstract, collective, proper, concrete

Maths - Volume & surface area of cuboid

Maths - Fractions in written problem

Maths - Algebra questions in words

Maths - Cuboid: given area of side, how long are its sides?

VR - Move one letter

English - Punctuate 11 sentences

1 hour 15 minutes

Mixed (Maths, English, VR) with Worksheet


Numbers into words

Vertical symmetry - difference between "do" and "does"

i before e rule

Odd one out

20% off

20% of

Tricky 20% question

Word in middle made from words on either side

Missing number in an equation

Missing number when the middle number is made up from either side

Missing 3-letter word

Matching 3 codes and 4 words

Missing number in grid

Algebra with brackets

Coordinates of rectangle on grid

Cloze test

1 hour 7 minutes


Mixed (Maths, English, VR) with Worksheet


Tom is 5 times older than his dog was 7 years ago…

Book recommendation

Square numbers

Venn diagram


Move the letter from one word to the next

Closest in meaning

Black is to white as narrow is to ?

Letters stand for numbers

Code to word/word to code

1 hour 10 minutes

Maths with Worksheet


Maths: problem based questions

Numbers in words

Area of pentagon and changing mm2 to cm2

Horizontal symmetry

Lowest value?

24 hour clock and time problem

Multiplying and adding problem

Simple spreadsheet

Money instalments


What to do with the remainder problem

Parallel lines

Scale on a plan

Algebra and big time units

Spatial awareness: symmetry

1 hour 12 minutes


Mixed with worksheet

Maths: worded problems Adding money
Long division
More money: read the question
Converting currency
Time problem
Explain the joke
Missing letters
Number sequence
Hidden four letter words
Vocabulary question
Loaded with/loaded by
Direct to Indirect speech
Complete the similes
Spatial Awareness Exercise
Making spills for next week's activity
1 hour 14 minutes