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Daily English Sheets Set 1

You can buy a year's access to 100 Daily English Sheets for £30.

The breakdown of the content of the sheets is as follows:

59 vocabulary sheets (most are vocabulary, because you won’t be able to comprehend or spell a word if you never knew it to begin with!)

17 spelling sheets

12 comprehension sheets

6 cloze test sheets

6 punctuation sheets

For £30, you will receive a year's access to a Google Drive folder of 100 English sheets (three months’ worth, if you do one a day, plus a few extra for the keen-beans among you). We will share the files with you within 24 hours of purchase.

Please note - you will need a Google Account to view the files. If you have a gmail address, then you already have one!

If you don’t - fear not! Getting one is a free and easy process, you can do it here

When you buy the Daily English Sheets, you will have an option to input your Google Mail email address. Make sure that you type it correctly, otherwise your beloved English sheets will be sent to the wrong place.

In order to access the worksheets you MUST have a Google Account, and you MUST enter its email address in the box below, above the PayPal button.


Google mail email address: