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CORONAVIRUS - Week commencing 1st June

Half-term Holiday - I hope you all enjoyed half-term and are refreshed for the new term.


Come and swap folders whenever you are passing.


Lockdown – as things stand there can be no classes at the house for the time being. I continue to record a 1 hour video to cover the syllabus for each week of term. Children can stop/start and rewatch the video as many times as they like. The videos are “unlisted” on YouTube (they do not show up on searches) and I will email the link to the video to the email addresses I have for those children who come to weekly classes. This week's was sent out on 1st June. If you do not have it please check your spam folder.

Virtual Mock Exams

This week we are sending out the Bar Charts, so if you have done the Virtual Mock Exam you can see how you did in comparison with everyone else.

A new Virtual Mock Exam (complete with videos to explain every question) is being prepared in case lockdown prevents us meeting at the Hall for Mock Exam C, which is scheduled for Saturday 13th June and the following two Saturdays.


Follow this link to find suggested work for you to do at home. There are also workbooks available to purchase which can be posted to your home, as well as print-at-home worksheets on the website.

Remember the Daily Maths Sheet and about 650 YouTube videos.

I was looking forward to seeing the children and am sorry not to. Keep well and best wishes. Sarah

New Video Classes

8 one hour videos

Time to register for the 11+ Exam
Click for the links
I hope you have enjoyed the half term break.
The Virtual Mock Exam Papers are now ready for you. The links have been emailed out to those who asked - once again check your spam if you haven't had a notification. Thanks to those who have already sent them back.
Booking places for the 2021 11+

Wednesday July 1st

Phone from 7 am

Click here for more information

Stuck at home and needing stuff to do
11+ Classes

Phone 01722 327525



We have been helping children prepare for the 11+ since the mid-nineties.

We have added a bit here and a bit there, until now the site resembles a Christmas tree decorated by playgroup, so I hope you find this brief introduction helpful in navigating your way around while we set about restructuring.

We have 66 pupils who come to weekly classes after school. Booking in day is on 1st July in year 4 and the phones open at 7:00am.

We run four different Mock Exams, each with a choice of three dates. A Full Report will give you a complete breakdown of the result and directions to hours of our own videos which will help to rectify any problems.
We have a course for pupils who do not attend weekly classes: The Scholar’s Course. We post out workbooks to them, they do video classes that accompany the books. Those who live near enough join us for Mock Exams and Holiday Classes.

Every week we have two free Internet classes made available on the front page. The whole collection of 185 can be bought.

We have an extensive collection of free 11+ material on our site. Presently there about 500 YouTube videos and these are being added to all the time. There is the daily maths sheet to help mop up silly mistakes and free work sheets on areas that frequently cause trouble. You can download the first Scholar’s Course book for free. And there are seasonal things that come up, like the 11+ Advent Course covering all the 11+ subjects and the Auntie Edna summer course aimed at key vocabulary.

The Virtual Mock Exam is here

A second Virtual Mock Exam is being prepared, complete with videos for every question, which will be available whether or not lockdown allows Mock Exam C to go ahead.

Virtual Mock Exam - see Coronavirus above

English Nuggets
Short videos tackling common problems
Free Support for Scholar's Workbooks
Mrs Sock

This week's two free internet classes are Weekly Wisdom

3 Words which go together

Maths lesson - Octagons

Daily English Sheets
Two sets of 100 available
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